Globally is the Turkey distributor of Kalita, a Japanese company that has been producing coffee equipment since the 1950s.

About Kalita

Kalita Coffee Equipments is a family business that has been operating since the 1950s. The Japanese origin kalita brand continued to serve coffee enthusiasts and coffee professionals all over the world and in Turkey, and to bring coffee lovers together with quality coffee equipment.

The basic principle of the Kalita coffee brand, its starting point and its difference from its counterparts: the design of the filter base. The filter base design is flat and has 3 holes. With this design, coffee is brewed more evenly and with extraction. The most important factor that makes Kalita coffee equipment of high quality is the quality of the materials used in the equipment.

Borosilicate glass technology is used with glass coffee brewing apparatus. Borosilicate is scratch resistant, resistant to breakage, durable, heat resistant and long lasting. You can use kalita glass equipment, which is a complete performance product, for many years. In addition, they are easy to clean and lightly structured coffee brewing products.