moza racing globally

Globally, has been the distributor of Moza Racing in Turkey since 2022.​

About Moza Racing

Founded in 2012, Gudsen MOZA is the world’s leading manufacturer of camera stabilizers, gimbal cameras & simracing gears. MOZA racing is revolutionising simracing with the development of innovative industry leading hardware & software products.

Born for Sim-Racers, MOZA Racing is dedicated to designing and building the world’s best sim-racer focused hardware and software products that enable everyone, to race at their very best. The full ecosystem includes direct drive force feedback steering wheel, aluminum alloy pedal assembly, digital dash, and pit house control software.

As Moza Racing Turkey, Globally Consulting aims to deliver all of Moza Racing's products to end users by collaborating with the most distinguished vendors in Turkey. Adding value to the existing structure and reaching new customers is a prerequisite for becoming a Moza Racing Turkey dealer. If you want to be a Moza Racing dealer, you can apply to us by filling out the dealership form. After the evaluation process, you will be answered by e-mail.