Globally Consulting is a new generation Consulting Company with experience in many sectors that establishes, manages and teaches working systems that will make institutions stronger in new generation commerce with what technology has brought to the present day.

In addition to issues such as completing the deficiencies and revealing the potential within the institution by looking at the stuck points in the internal structure of the institutions from a different perspective, we provide services on the subjects such as the formation and installation of the infrastructure of the companies, advertising, marketing, business process management, purchasing and competitor analysis.

Our employees are consultants who are experts in their fields, who have taken part in the growth of many companies with their knowledge and who will create added value.

Globally Consulting is also the distributor of leading brands in the sector. Our company, whose brands we work with in these distributorships, is increasing day by day, will continue to increase its distributorships by informing the public.

As Globally Consulting, we attach great importance to direct production in the country. By managing the quality, benefit and price relationship in the products we manufacture, we deliver them to many domestic and foreign consumers.

Globally aims to contribute to the country’s economy with its growing portfolio by increasing its product range day by day.


Globally Danışmanlık A.Ş.


Globally Consulting laid its first foundations in Istanbul with the aim of providing business development and consultancy to companies in various sectors.

Shareholder Structure Change


Globally Consulting has expanded its scale with the new partners it has added to its structure, has started to appeal to more sectors with higher quality service.

Cooperation with Techno E-commerce


Globally A.Ş E-Commerce Consultancy and Techno E-Commerce Cooperation

Realization of B2B and Ecommerce Investments


Globally Consulting continued to share its know-how with the companies it provided consultancy while realizing its own projects by making large investments in B2B and E-commerce.

Lelit Espresso Brand Distributorship


Turkey distributorship of the Italian Lelit brand, the world's leading espresso machine manufacturer.

Gaggia Coffee Machines Distributorship

2018 - 2021

Turkey distributorship of Gaggia, the world famous brand of Italy, the inventor and manufacturer of the world's first home type espresso machine.

Establishment of the Spardox Brand


Our umbrella brand Spardox, which contains equipment and instruments needed by many sectors such as barcode readers, musical instruments and player stands, especially electronic devices, was established this year.

Introduction to A.I.D.C Industry


Globally started the production of the first products in the A.I.D.C sector in 2019.

Thrustmaster Turkey Distributorship


Turkey distributorship of Thrustmaster, the world's largest racing and game simulation brand.

Timemore Turkey Distributorship


Turkey distributorship of Timemore brand, which produces professional hand grinders and accessories for coffee lovers.