The art of steel at the service of good coffee

IMS Filtri Hakkında

Through the last 70 years know- how, experience and innovation have been the foundations of the increasing success of IMS. Our Main mission is still to innovate thanks to our experience and technical expertise of the filtration systems for coffee machines, such as the patented perforation system for conical filters.

New projects, more ideas from the past towards the future, IMS wants to be always on the side of those who love coffee.

At the state of art, the company is managed by the fourth generation and continues to innovate the industry: Alice and Federico, stockholders and Giulia and Emanuele who actively run the company continuing the research mission.

This is why in 2016 we launched a new project, a company called: Espresso & Brewing Laboratory, E&B LAB

The newborn side company produces brewing accessories such as special high-end filters, brewing server and moka pot crafted in Italy, in collaboration with special qualified partners and with distinct accuracy on design and artisanal materials. In collaboration with highly skilled craftsmen and designers.