id cooling

Globally is the official distributor of ID Cooling in Turkey since 2020, the leading cooler and fan brand of the technology market.

About ID Cooling

We signed a contract with ID-COOLING in July 2020, enabling a new cooler and fan brand to enter the Turkish technology market, which we believe it will make all the difference and pricing competition. Globally Consultancy, added another important producer partner, ID Cooling to it's compaines by signing European and Turkish contracts, which will bring ID-COOLING huge successes in the world. By 2021, we are planning to be on the computers of many different types of users by meeting the price performance needs in Turkey with ID-COOLING.

Adding value to the existing structure and reaching new customers is a prerequisite for becoming an ID-Cooling Turkey dealer. If you want to become a dealer too, .you can apply to us by filling out the dealership form. After the evaluation process, we will get back you you by email.